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Services to Consider Hiring a Moving Company For

Moving to a new place is a fun experience to many people. However the work involved in packing and moving usually leave many people stressed. Moving companies have mushroomed over the last decade because more and more people have started to embraces hiring their services. However, a study that was conducted recently revealed that most people hiring the services of a moving company usually don’t know the services to expect from them. So are you considering to hire the services of a moving company like Curtis-Emoversbut you are wondering the type of services to expect from them? If yes then today you are in the right place when looking for Movers in Oakville because in this article, we are going to tell you the services you should expect when you hire the services of a moving company.

1. Stock taking

The first thing that a moving company will do when you hire their services is to prepare a written inventory of your items and access each items condition. After that, they will assign numbers for all stock taken to avoid confusion or misplacement. It is very important to be present when the moving company is taking stock of all your item to avoid blame game when you later find out that some of your items are missing.

2. Packing

Once all stock is taken, the next stage that the moving company will do is pack all items. Packing style usually differs depending on the company that you choose. However, they usually ensure that all your items are packed in the safest way possible. They usually put special care to electronic items and jewelry that needs specialized care. Packing is usually done in a systematic manner for easy retrieval when needed as well as when unpacking.

3. Transportation

Once all your items have been packed and labeled, the company will move them to their tracks in logical and systematic manner. They will start with complex items that need extra care and protection then progress to others that need less care. When transporting your items the company will update you on a regular basis, especially if it is a long distance journey. In case of any mechanical problem that causes delay, the company will inform you as well as tell you when you are likely to get to your new destination.

4. Storage

Sometimes you may hire a moving company to transport your items before you even find a place to keep them. In that instance, the moving company will store all your items safely at their designated stores until when you are ready to pick them. However, you have to pay some fee to enjoy this service.

5. Unpacking and arrangement

Once the items have safety arrived to your preferred destination, they will slowly stake the item out from their tracks and arrange them in your new home. Their arrangement will be based on what you instruct them to do. They will unpack all your items because they are the only ones who know how they were packed. However they won’t arrange if you don’t want them to.